Zirt’s fifth album announced


Zirt has announced today that his fifth studio album, titled ‘Away’, will be released on 13th August, 2015. As always, the full album will be uploaded to Bandcamp for a free download. Here is the tracklist:

  1. Another Dawn Collapses
  2. When Silence Comes
  3. Cold December
  4. Darkness Falls
  5. Our Veins Are Filled With Pure Dismay
  6. Broken Dreams
  7. The Mystery Of Time
  8. Banished Fate
  9. One Thousand Days
  10. Tear Apart
  11. Chasing Leftovers
  12. Angels Of Despair
  13. Exhale The Light

Cover album coming out soon


After many time in the studio, Zirt is glad to announce the inminent release of a cover album, title Lost Songs. The exactly date of the worldwide release is the 13th of August of 2014. In this post you can check out the front art, as well the tracklist:


  1. Hermodr A Helferd (Burzum cover)
  2. My Tourniquet (Soul Embraced cover)
  3. Be Quiet And Drive (Deftones cover)
  4. The Crimson (Atreyu cover)
  5. Cloud Connected (In Flames cover)
  6. Felt Through A Phone Line (36 Crazyfists cover)
  7. Her Ghost Haunts These Walls (Nocturnal Depression cover)
  8. My Apocalypse (Escape The Fate cover)
  9. Lavender Town Theme (Pokemon cover)
  10. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)
  11. Keeping The Distances (Octania cover)
  12. Greensleeves (Traditional)
  13. End Of The World (Cold cover)

Remember that every song will be uploaded to Zirt’s official channel, as well the album will be uploaded to bandcamp, set for a free download.