Zirt was formed in Bergen, Norway, in September of 2011. The only member, Zirt, composes and records all the music. As soon as the project was born, Zirt started to compose songs for the debut album, called “For Those Who Fell”, that was recorded in a home made studio and released the 22th of August of 2012.

Soon after this, Zirt started to compose again to release a second album, “It Started As A Whisper”, the 13th of April of 2013. Three months after, July 13th of 2013, the third album, “Northern Lights”, is released.

The fourth studio album, Lost Songs, was released on 13th of August of 2014. It’s the first LP out of the cover album series. It features popular, and not so popular, songs released by other artists, all of them modified to fit with Zirt’s musical style.

Away, Zirt’s fifth studio album, was released on 08/13/2015.

Six months later, Zirt released The Forbidden Lands, a conceptual dark ambient album. It was Zirt’s first dark ambient album.

Zirt allows free downloads of his music on the official sites (Bandcamp, Youtube, etc…)


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