Zirt – As The Leaves Fall (Videoclip)

Zirt’s second videoclip. Enjoy.


Zirt’s working on third studio album

This month Zirt started to work on his third studio album. The album will be released on early summer, June/July, of this year, and it will feature 4 songs, played only with guitars and some ambient instruments, without any drums. So, it will be something like dark ambient/atmospheric, different from the two first albums.

The cover, tracklist, and release date will be posted in few weeks.

Second Album

Hi everybody,

The second album of Zirt, titled “It Started As A Whisper”, is coming. It should be ready for April or May of this year. No cover art yet, but the tracklist it’s almost official:

  1. Fantasy
  2. Tales Of Winter
  3. A Long Sad Song
  4. Funeral
  5. As The Leaves Fall
  6. Nocturnal Darkness II
  7. Last Lullaby

More news soon!